“Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine” ….Alan Turing


The health of a company is reflected in the health of the people who work for or are part of the company


We monitor and work with individuals, executives, teams and groups that make up our diverse working environment


We build personal energy and enthusiasm through mental, physical and emotional well-being



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  • The Organizational Cost of Insufficient Sleep
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Did You Know?
Did you know between 35 to 50% of employees will be suffering from sleep deprivation
Do you know what it’s costing you?
Do you know what it’s costing your staff?


The Costs of Sleep Deprivation
It impacts our health and how we function during the day both at work and at home.
Everything is more difficult. It affects our mood, how we feel about ourselves and our lives. Our productivity, energy, vitality, creativity and enjoyment are all compromised.


The Costs of Stress
Do you know that about 1 in 5 of your staff will be suffering from stress, low mood or depression.
Did you know that you may be responsible for the mental wellbeing of your staff…Yes, no matter how crazy this may sound.
Let me tell you some of the costs to your company of stress and low mood or depression
The first thing is low mood and depression is insidious (proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, without us being aware but with very harmful effects).


 Stress is Hugely Expensive
There are of course the costs to organisations including stress-related absence, staff turnover and damage to the organisation’s reputation.

There are also wider personal costs to staff, personal health, performance, achievement, job satisfaction.

Forty per cent of the New Zealand work force, or about 920,000 people, are unhappy in their jobs.

More than 60 per cent of the workforce either hate their jobs or couldn’t really care less about their work as long as they get a pay cheque, a survey reveals.

The UK is home to millions of discontented workers, it has emerged, as more than half of the nation’s employed people admit that they would rather be in a different career.

Some of the main causes above are sleep deprivation, stress at home and at work and not being aware of how they can get more enjoyment out of their job
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Once upon a time …..

I was sitting in the Air New Zealand lounge at Auckland airport, next to me was a business executive and business owner who I began speaking to. I found out later he was a director of a company which employed about 100 people

 He asked me what I did, I said I was writing a book on Corporate and Business employee wellness. I explained that Employers may soon be held responsible for their staff mental health. At the time that sounded ridiculous.

 We proceeded to talk about what was going in the book. I explained that we will be able to determine who is at risk and who needs help. He said that would be great.

 I asked if he would like to do a couple of questionnaires that will be in the book. I always carry copies of the questionnaires in my briefcase. He said sure.

 So after a few minutes we had the answers, he was excited and called his wife over to do the questionnaires, but then it was time to board the plane.

 His parting words were make sure you contact me I want a copy of the book.

 Alas the book has not happened, just yet, but these new programs, with the help of my business partners, are here now.

I am sure all Employers want to ensure their staff are healthy, as stress free as possible, enjoying their work  and performing to their maximum. Up until now there has been no way of measuring or really analyzing these parameters


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